Cryogenic Tempering
Questions & Answers

Cryogenic tempering of metals is not a new technology, however in the last 10 years, cryogenic tempering has been acknowledged and included in the training of metallugy. It is a simple process and there are many advantages and benefits to cryogenically treating metals. One of the most important benefits is decreasing down time or set up time replacing worn out parts on equipment thus increasing the profit line. Cryogenically treating parts not only improves performance but it also increases the life of metals and parts. Another important benefit to cryogenically treat parts is to relieve the residual stress in metals during forming/forging of the part.
We have listed the most frequently asked questions to help understand what cryogenic tempering means. In every industry there are tooling, pieces, Polo Shirts Outlet Online Sale and parts than can be cryogenically treated to increase the life of those parts.

How does the processor work? The processor is computer controlled taking the temperature to minus 300 below 1 degree a minute. The temperature is held there for a specific period of time (depending on the material) and then brought up again 1 degree a minute. The atmosphere is cooled with liquid nitrogen.

What does this do to the metal? The metal structure changes to increase the durability or wear-life making it significantly stronger. As the temperature is lowered and raised, the molecules move in a more uniform structure to make the metals stronger which closes and refines grain structures. iwc replica

What is Residual Stress? Residual stress develops in steel during the forming/ forging and from machining required in finishing a part/piece. If the piece is not able to expand during the forming/forging then stress builds up and the life span on the part is shortened.

What kind of increase in life of a part can be expected? The increased life of a part cryogenically treated will depend on what the material is made of, but in most cases the increase can range from 200% to 500%. As an example, tools made out of M42, S7, A2 has documented increased life of 300%. Metals made from D2 such as stamping dies have been known to increase the life by 500% or more.

How many times can a part be processed? This is a one time permanent treatment which changes the entire structure not just the surface.

One of the areas we have extensive research has been treatment of aluminum. replica tag heuer We have been working closely with government agencies along with private industries to relieve the stress to prevent cracking and breaking of this material.

How much does this cost? We typically charge by the pound with a minimum charge of $50.00 for five (5) pounds or less.  But please call to get a quote (574) 930-0725.