Our Services

We are a Linde distributor and Airco Distributors Association (ADA). Being members of this association has enabled us to take advantage of many opportunities in supplying our current customers. By partnering with Linde we are able to tap the innovative technology of different processes not only for welding industries but for the environmental industries. Our customers have the advantage of having global support in products and technology while individualized service is being provided.
In addition to a full line of welding supplies, industrial gases and mixes; some of the other goods and services that we can provide are:

Bulk Systems

We can provide Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Propane, and other gases for our customers.

Cryogenic Tempering

Cryogenic tempering increases the life of the metal and improve performance on parts.

Cost Reductions

In addition to any money that we can save you on your gases and welding supplies we feel strongly that we can recommend opportunities to save your operation money by reducing some of the labor costs – through gas mixtures, special application products, abrasives, fake hublot watches process technologies, etc. These labor saving recommendations can make your job easier and the savings go right to your bottom line.

Technical Support

Our affiliation with Linde Gases assists us with global technical support for us to provide to our customers as requested at no cost to them.

For your convenience we have supplied our line card for the complete line to supply your business.

We Are Out To Earn Your Business